Cannabis production must be treated as food production with the strictest of safety and cleanliness as required by the Food and Drug Administration.  Experience has taught us that not everyone understands the potential ramifications of non-compliance.  Further, cannabis production involves moist and humid environments, which are ideal for growing mold, mildew, and other moisture-loving pathogens.

Our company specializes in cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing in the most delicate and sensitive environments, where the growth and spread of contaminants can be harmful to human health, and can have disastrous impacts on production and profitability.  We follow the strictest of guidelines as established by ASTM International for Cannabis Cultivation Centers for cleaning and disinfection.

BioQuality Solutions employs multiple methods of sanitizing in all areas of production - from crops through cultivation and production, packaging, all the way to retail.  Every step in the process-flow must be tested, analyzed, cleaned and sanitized.  If requested, we will even go so far as to test the soil where the crops are grown in order to establish the point at which contaminants are entering the system.

Our methods include the use of sophisticated testing both onsite and in laboratories, specific FDA approved food-contact solutions for spraying on crops and "food" contact surfaces, as well as Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation in certain applicable areas.  We have methods to test the thoroughness of cleaning protocols, and offer new methodologies for companies to employ in their Standard Operating Procedures.

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Cannabis Tri-fold Brochure (pdf)